Open a word document or notepad and freely write an article on the topic “Colors”.

Have a watch or any timer handy. Please ensure you complete the below assignment within 17 minutes. Its going to be fun. Just write!

Step 1: “Colors” – Let some beautiful thoughts about the topic “colors” flow into your mind (duration 2-3 minutes).
Step 2: Open a word document or notepad. Just start writing non-stop about “colors” (duration 8-9 minutes). Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs to 6 paragraphs or about 50 words to not more than 400 words.
Step 3: Please do read out loud and make corrections to ensure that your expression becomes more clear to any reader (4-7 minutes)

You have two options:

1. You can write the assignment in word document and upload the document using “Browse/Choose File” button


2. Write the article in the assignment page itself in the space provided.

Once you done writing or uploading, you should write your name, email and then click “Submit”. If you still find any problem in doing so, send us the word document directly to

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