Readers: Are They Involved?

There are two specific, yet lofty goals writers strive for every time they commit words to paper. That goal is to write in such a way as to draw their readers into the written word.

If this goal is in fictional writing the author wants the reader to become so absorbed in the story that they are both satisfied, yet sad to see the story end.

If this goal is in non-fiction the writer accomplishes the objective by relating details in a way that leaves the reader interested in the subject and with a desire to learn more.

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How Not to Become the Victim of Plagiarism

An idea is the most valuable intellectual property.

An interesting idea requires quality protection from the plagiarism. Before we start discussing why it is not worth plagiarizing, let’s clear up what we mean by plagiarism.

The word Plagiarism originated from the Latin word Plagio which means steal.  The encyclopedias define plagiarism as “misappropriation of someone else’s works: publishing someone else’s works without indicating the source or a usage of the work without the author’s permission”. If the source is not indicated that is plagiarism. Click here to read more!

5 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Web Site

If you are serious about your writing, in fact even if you aren’t, you need a web site.

Website- Every Writer Needs One!

Let me repeat that — every writer needs a web site!

If you don’t believe me then here are five very good reasons why:

  • Your web site can serve as your showcase and portfolio. It can include your biography, experience, and writing credits as well as copies of your work or better yet–links to your published work. So many queries today are done electronically and it much easier to simply include an url for editors or prospective clients to visit than to try to attach copies and/or a long list of urls on various locations.
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Anyone Can Write an Essay!

“I’ll figure that out . . . when I get the time.”      Writers Block - Beat it to become a efficient writer

“I really don’t know how to start!”

“I really should write my essay!”

This common dilemma is expressed over and over again by many people everywhere. The good news is that ANYBODY can write an essay!

There are three main reasons for essays:

  1. To help you to cohesively construct an argument and defend it on paper.
  2. To help you develop good written and oral communication skills.
  3. To help you to figure out how to find information.

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“Do I Have Writing Talent?” A Mistaken Question

People say“I need to know, do I have talent or not.” “Then I’ll know if I should pursue writing or stick to my present job.”

This approach to writing is seriously flawed. Anyone can become a better writer. This can be seen in students who submit hackneyed, half-dead writing to start with began writing lively, well-written essays by the end of the semester. Likewise, plenty of writers whose work seems plain and unimaginative get assignment upon assignment from magazines while others with dazzling wordcraft skills can’t get published anywhere. Click here to read more!