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Why Leads alumni is considered as some of the best content writers in the country:

  • Students who join us are self driven
    (Why? they are already passionate to learn quality learning. Thus they search online go through our free orientation course and then take up our skill based full blown certificate course)
  • Every student would have undergone time tested and proven methods to learn and excel in writing.
  • The sophistication of the project they complete by the end of course is of a higher standard than any other institutes in the country.
  • We have designed the course in such a way that our students enjoy the art and skill of writing good content. The ability to enjoy writing ensures that our students naturally become life long learners.

You can post the jobs whether it is full time, part time or spare time.

For better response, please provide:

  • A good description of the nature of the job. For eg: It could be health domain, financial or instructional writing, report writing, etc.
  • Communicate clearly the remuneration, contact person name with designation and the contact details

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  4. Communicate, Interview and Recruit.

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  • Describe the responsibilities of this job, required work experience, skills, or education.