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The first secret of writing well is to start and continuously write. This e-Course intends to cultivate the writing habit in you and provide you an overview of “what it takes to be an effective writer”.

Start Writing..

Your first writing assignment course: Write an article on “Colors”

Follow these steps to write an article on “Colors”:

Have a watch or any timer handy. Please ensure you complete the below assignment within 17 minutes. Its going to be fun. Just write!

Step 1: “Colors” – Let some beautiful thoughts about the topic “colors” flow into your mind (duration 2-3 minutes).
Step 2: Open a word document or notepad. Just start writing non-stop about “colors” (duration 8-9 minutes). Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs to 6 paragraphs or about 50 words to not more than 400 words.
Step 3: Please do read out loud and make corrections to ensure that your expression becomes more clear to any reader (4-7 minutes)

Done?  Submit the article here.  SUBMIT

YOU CAN WRITE, let’s learn the skills you need to acquire to become a world class writer!

Let’s Begin……


Writing is a way to express oneself. In today’s world writing is a very vital part as it is needed in all spheres of life, starting from making a grocery list to writing processes and procedures.

Content writing is the process of creating content that is easily understandable to the intended audience. This includes writing from scratch to the final document. The hallmark of good content writing is that it is targeted, easy to read and understand.

Writers develop content for:

  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Journals
  • Publications
  • Advertisements
  • Academics
  • Scripts
  • Narratives
  • Books.. etc.

By the end of this online course, you will learn:

  • The overview of the Core Skills required to become a Content Writer
  • About the careers in the Content industry.
  • An overview to the process of writing
  • The skills/techniques you require to become an efficient content writer.

This knowledge will help you to make a career choice. So get ready to learn this short course. This online course fulfills the prerequisite for the Professional Certification in Content Writing (PCCW) course. You will receive the 5-part online course over the next 5 days.


The first step is to have an inclination towards writing. It’s this inclination that sets you apart from the rest. Give this course a proper study, which it deserves. Take a print of the course material provided. Just recall the last moment when you studied the best. Create another learning moment of a similar kind. Yes! Content Writing makes a great career option. We’ll guide you in acquiring the skill set required for a fruitful career in the content industry.

“The right candidate having the right knowledge at the right time – is what makes the real difference.”

Providing the right knowledge to YOU at the right time is the focus of LEADS Academy.

Upon discussions with a number of professionals/consultants from the industry we have specifically designed this course, which enables you to gain the core skills and techniques required by the Content Industry.

Brief note on what you will be learning in this short course.

In Part II, you will know about:

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Careers in Content Writing
  • Traits of a Content Writer
  • Things to do before you Start Writing

In Part III, you will know about:

  • An Overview of the Writing Process
  • Overview to the Skills to Acquire
    – Comprehension
    – Critical Reading
    – Effective Writing
    – Paraphrasing

In Part IV, you will know about:

  • Communicating with Graphic Artist and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in order to write well
  • Quality Check in Writing

In the final/Part V, you will have:

A recap of the previous 4 parts.

There is a growing demand for Content Writers and a career in writing is up for grabs, all you require now are the writing skills to excel in the industry.

I congratulate you as you have already made the start. Please don’t forget to open your mailbox tomorrow and start learning.

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Dr. Sundaresh K N
Leads Academy

All the Best!