Here is What Some of our Students Say

“confidence on writing is sky high”

Top Class! Was skeptical about what I can learn in this course before joining. Am happy that I was totally wrong. After completing the course, my confidence on writing is sky high! Wonderful Experience!

“Wow! It was NO fluff”

Wow! It was a NO fluff – learn by doing online training. form being original, to write and publish at once was great learning experience.
Dr. Ravi J,

“training style was absolutely spot on”

I’m in the medical communication industry for years. Many of the resources and online tools the trainer showed would have taken years for me to discover. The JUST DO it – Training style was absolutely spot on! Online training enabled more practice to hone my writing skills.
Dr Surendra Bhat, Medical Writer

“Training material was excellent”

The course was crisp, very informative. Training material was excellent. The course helped me to know the subject better. The use of LMS was very effective. It was inspiring.
Prerana Gupta, Information Writer

“Excellent Training”

My writing was restricted to emails in my career. Both writing and publishing was new to me -Not any more :). It’s really pleasant to have my site and publication. This experience got my creative juices flowing. Excellent training.
Charan CS, Tech Mahindra,

“I’ll be enjoying writing for years to come”

This is my first ever write-up! Developing an article(a tangible one)from an idea and having the idea sources to be absolutely confident for more to come is indeed special for me. I’m dead sure I’ll be enjoying writing for years to come.
Kadekar Suneel,

“training was fast paced and engaging”

The training was fast paced and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities in the classroom and never thought online learning could be practical and interesting. Lots of take-ways for sure!
Arun Abraham,

“The subject matter was excellent”

I liked the training imparted in the course. The subject matter was excellent in the course material and including topics like Interview Cracking Skills, Time Management Leadership development was a very good idea.
Ananya Iyer, Creative Writer

“it was inspiring”

The course was crisp, very informative. Online training was excellent, links provided in the LMS were very useful. The discussions and assignments were very informative. It was inspiring!
Rashmi Arun, Content Writer

“my writing and editing skills have improved greatly”

I totally enjoyed this online content writing course from Leads. The course was inspiring and challenging. Now I can confidently say that my writing and editing skills have improved greatly.
Srindhi R,