Frequently Asked Questions

Career Related Questions

  1. With PCCW, can I get a job in content writing?
    Yes. There are more open jobs in the market than the number of content writers available.

  2. Does PCCW help me in finding new career options?
    A: Yes. Many people have discovered their passion for writing and have been successfully able to make a transition from their existing job to a career in content writing.

  3. Will LEADS provide me placement assistance?
    Yes. We do provide placement assistance. We are regularly approached by organizations who are looking for content writers and we pass this opportunity to our alumni. Also, we keep the alumni regularly updated on the openings available in the market.

  4. Are there any live jobs right now as am reading this question?
    A:Yes. You can see it by yourself by going to one of the portals like which can tell you how many job openings are currently available using the keyword writing or content writing.

    The other keywords to search are: writer, content writing, content writer, communication
    PS: That you have 100 of live jobs seeking for a good content writer right now as you are reading this information.

  5. Apart from regular jobs, what other opportunities are available for content writers?
    Many professionals, individuals and small businesses want to maintain a blog and many of them outsource the writing to a content writer. You can either take up these opportunities or consider a blog for yourself, for your friends (with their special talent/skills), for the alumni of schools, colleges and organizations.

  6. Can I work as a freelance content writer which offers me more flexibility?
    There is enough demand in the market for freelance writers and it is only going to increase.This would be another fantastic opportunity for those who need more flexibility. One of the sites which provides freelance writing opportunities is

    There are many more freelance sites and we will discuss about them in the course.

  7. What are the other benefits of writing?
    The benefits of writing are:

    • Effective writing is one of the best ways to promote yourself.
    • Writing well can make people quicker to trust you.
    • The way you write tells a lot about who you are as a person.
    • When you write something down, it becomes more actionable than an idea in your head.
    • How you write tells others about your intelligence and expertise.
    • The better you are at writing, the more effective your marketing copy will be.
    • Effective writing can be persuasive and entice action.
    • The way you write can help others understand more and be able to form their own questions.

General Questions

  1. I am not a graduate yet. Am I eligible for the course?
    Please take up the writing activity. Upon assessing your writing activity we will let you know if you are eligible or not.

  2. I am a graduate, but I haven’t written much. Can this course work for me?
    A: Yes, this will work for you. Any graduate or postgraduate would have gone through academic writing through exams and other course work. The course is designed to ensure these skills are upgraded to a professional level.

  3. I am a graduate/postgraduate. However I have studied in my regional language upto my matriculation. Will this course help me?
    A: Yes, this course will help you. We have come across people with bad verbal communication skills but with good writing skills. You can expect to become a better writer via this course, as long as, you have done 10+2 or graduation in English.

  4. Is there an age limit for taking up this course?
    A: No there isn’t. However, conviction and focus are required from every student, for successfully completing the course.

  5. I am a working professional and work in different shifts. Can I do this course?
    A: The course is designed for working professionals. Over 85% of our successful students are working professionals.

  6. How many hours should I dedicate everyday for this course?
    A: An average of one hour a day is expected from every student. You need to ensure that you invest 6 to 8 hours per week for the activities of the course. This could be distributed as one hour a day or all the hours during the weekends

  7. I have a business trip in between, is it ok if I can extend the course by a couple of weeks?
    A: Absolutely. This course is designed for working professionals and we support till the successful completion of the course. However, the 12 week course shouldn’t stretch for more than 6 months. In special cases you can write to us.

  8. I believe in classroom training. Will this course work for me?
    A: The goal of this course is to ensure that the quality of your writing is of publishing standards. As each of the activity is oriented towards the writing output and the output is clearly witnessed by your trainers for valuable suggestions. The online program of LEADS Writing School is very effective. This has been tested and proven over a period of time. Unlike many distance education programs which have exams at the completion of the program, the LEADS online learning program is designed to enable you to learn a particular skill set of writing every week. All the online Learning Management System (LMS) activities ensure that you practice the skill set assigned for the particular week. In simple terms, every week you learn a definitive skill, grow in confidence week-after-week till you successfully complete the course. All the activities which require classroom type of learning or in the form of instructional videos which you can watch and apply easily. You also have the liberty to learn the techniques better.

  9. I am from Pune and I see that the institute is located in Bangalore. Can the course work for me?
    A: We have students in the all the major cities and towns of India, including Pune. In fact many of our students in Bangalore prefer the online blended learning mode

  10. Where do I ask questions, if I have questions during my learning?
    A: We encourage your questions and support you throughout the courses via a dedicated trainer. However, as this is a writing course, we expect you to ask questions through email first and if the issue isn’t resolved through this, the trainer will communicate with you through phone.

  11. I am an Engineer, will this course help me in technical writing?
    A: 90% of all the writing is your ability to write – knowing the purpose, planning the writing, effectively writing and editing. Only 10% is based on the client specifications. Yes, if there are technical specifications, you can do a commendable job. In fact, we have a group of full time technical writers who have joined our course to upgrade their technical skills.

  12. I am a medical/life science graduate. Is the course right for me?
    A: The area/topic of writing is not a constraint to a writer and as earlier said 90% is the art of writing and your technical expertise will help you write faster in your field of expertise. We have students who are writing about, just not health, but also about different areas of sciences and academics. However, medical and life sciences students will be preferred in medical communications sector and similarly you will find humanities graduates writing effectively on medical topics. This is enabled by our effective online research techniques and the ways to interact with an SME. These techniques will ensure that, for our writers, domain is not a constraint.

  13. Is this certification recognized by any University?
    A: We are an autonomous institute and are not affiliated to any university. In fact, we don’t intend to.  We design and upgrade our course curriculum to meet the industry needs, to ensure our students gain the skills required in the content industry. We also educate employers of the quality of learning you have gone-through and hence many employers have recognized our students and they are always in great demand.

  14. Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
    A: Upon completion of all the activities, you will receive a course completion certification. This certificate is an evidence to employers that you have successfully completed the learning outcomes designed by us.

  15. Is this a PG Diploma or a Master’s Program?
    A: As mentioned earlier, we are not affiliated to any university and the certification focuses on making you a better writer.

  16. Who are eligible to take this course up?
    A: If you have read this page till here, you are eligible. Apart from basic English skills and the quest to write better, nothing else matters. Though we look at the output of the writing activities to screen some aspirants who might be eligible.

  17. What is the duration of the course ?
    A: The duration of the course is 12 weeks (3 months).

  18. I have an Job assignment in the next month, Can I take a break and continue with the course?
    A: The Course is designed for Working professionals, We will ensure you’ll complete the course. Once you join the course, we’ll ensure that we support until you’ll successfully complete, no matter what.
    If there is a break you need, all you need is to send us a mail and you can start from where you have left. Or it could be any issue, one mail is enough and we’ll support you.

  19. Can I do this Course?
    A: If you have reached this page and reading this line, then you can do it. Many of students extremely skeptical have successfully completed the course and acquired the necessary skills. The prerequisites are

    • Knowledge of basic written English,
    • Basic internet knowledge and
    • The quest to become a writer.
  20. Will I be learning Grammar?
    A: Grammar for Writers is a module within the course. You’ll be learning grammar skills necessary for writers and applying the same on your own written articles and reports. Learning necessary grammar by applying it to your work is the most definitive and enjoyable way to start mastering grammar.

  21. What is the mode of Learning ?
    A: Learning Mode: Distance. You’ll receive Printed Course Materials and DVD with videos and other reference material. You will refer from the course material and complete the weekly online discussions and assignments. Every week you’ll learn a specific skill which will make a you a better writer. By the end of the course you’ll complete a small e-book which empowers the writer within you. Our Alumni just loved the discussions and assignments. You can’t be an exception – It’s your turn to learn.

  22. I’m a Non-techie. Can I use your online LMS (Learning Management System) for completing my activities ?
    A: If you can use an email, you can easily use our LMS. Not even a single student till date has found any issues, in fact many have written they enjoyed using our LMS. We have designed the LMS with you in the mind. It’s simple, easy to use and enjoyable. Over that, if you counter any issue, our technical team is ready to help you.

Registration FAQs:

  1. What is the course fee? Are there any other fees that I need to pay apart from the course fee?
    A: The one time course fee is INR 9750/- which includes printed course ware, DVD with videos, trainer’s support, online LMS and certification. There will be a small investment for completing your project work (designing of your book, print-outs and binding). We ensure free online access when the course is upgraded.

  2. Is the LMS complicated to use?
    A: If you know the usage and functionalities of an email, you can use our LMS. In fact the LMS ensures that you enjoy your learning and assists to keep track of your progress.

  3. I have never taken an online course. What if I have issues with the LMS?
    A: The LMS has a simple and effective design, developed with you in mind. Students who are not computer savvy have successfully completed without hassles. There will be simple instructional videos to help you use the LMS in a better way. If there are any issues related to the usage of the LMS, our technical team will help you out. All our students are comfortable with the LMS after a couple of days of using it.

  4. When can I join the course?
    A: You can start the admission process now. Download the application form, enclose a self attested certificate of your highest qualification, attach the DD/Cheque and send it to us. You will be on the learning path within seven working days.

  5. How will I know the status of my application?
    A: We acknowledge the receipt of your course investment and process the application form immediately.

  6. Can I attend interview while taking up the course?
    A: Absolutely. Many of our students start attending the interviews in the second week. In case of an interview call, we will send you a document that mentions your course progress. This will give you an edge as every employer appreciates a learning employee.

  7. Do you accept payment by net banking mode? How long it will take to start the course after the payment?
    A: We do accept payment by net banking mode.

    Here are the details:

    Account Name: LEADS
    Type of Account: Current Account
    Account Number: 64020235932
    IFSC Code: SBIN0040276
    Bank: State Bank of India
    Branch: Ganganagar Branch, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

  8. Can I pay the course fee in installments?
    A: We don’t encourage installments, however, in some cases, you can cut 2 cheques, with 50% course fee in each. The first one should be present dated and the other can be post dated one month from the present date.
    Please note: Both the cheques (present and post dated) should be sent with the filled up application form.
    eg: First Cheque of INR 5,000 with date as 3rd April 2014 and Second Cheque of INR 5,000 with date as 4th May 2014

  9. Still have some questions?
    Shoot a mail to or call us at 91-9886610036.

Admissions are open. You can enroll now.

For any other questions you may have or in case if you need to discuss about course fee or payment options,
please write us to or Call us at 91-9886610036. If the call goes unanswered,
please send an SMS “PCCW” SPACE “Your Name” SPACE “Your Email-ID” – we’ll call you right back.